[In Stock] Signal Port for grid 650 ARRAY module

$20.00 USD

Signal Port for grid 650 ARRAY module

Signal Port is an addon for grid ARRAY module and ARRAY+CYCLE module; it
enables wireless serial data transmission, which means the owner can fully use the
ARRAY module without a USB cable.


  • BLE and SPP protocol
  • ~8mA extra power requirement
  • 10 meters or 30 feet signal range
  • It will be installed by default if you join the CYCLE & ARRAY + CYCLE GB



  • Signal Port is not compatible with all Bluetooth hardware
  • Require some test and try on your own


Items Included

  • Signal Port for grid ARRAY module
  • Mounting screws
  • Packaging


Shipping Info

  • In stock
  • Ships within 5 business days
  • Please DO NOT purchase this item with other grid products if you want to receive the signal port early. Since other grid products are pre-order items, if you purchased this along with pre-order parts, your signal port order will be delayed and ship when all parts are available.