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WDA Cyousyoku

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designed by PointWorks

WDA Cyousyoku is a design inspired by classic Japanese breakfast and snacks. Endowing a low saturated navy blue, three different melty pastel accents and an all new profile, WDA Cyousyoku is not only a feast for the eyes but also a treat to the fingers.


The Profile

WDA is a full sculpt profile featuring 6 different row profiles from R5 (F row) to R0 (spacebar row). 

Combining the best of the both: the comfort ergonomics and vintage R0/R5 profiles from Cherry and the rounded and curvy spherical aesthetic and smooth row transition from SA, it is slightly taller than Cherry profile but significantly shorter than the SA profile, making it easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

From far to close: SA, WDA, Cherry

The Legends

The keycaps are injected with PBT plastic and the legends are done via heat treated pad printing. Legends are printed onto the keycaps and reinforced by heat treatment to ensure they have similar durability as dye-subbed legends.

The Package

Every base kit will come with a custom color the W BOX: a gray-tinted clear PC sorting tray with a blue magnectic synthetic leather accent bar. It protects and it displays.

The W Box will be available to different regional vendors soon!


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    Base kit
    Orange / Beige / Blue accents
    each sold separately

    • WDA profile
    • PBT plastic
    • Designed by PointWorks
    • Made in China


    • In stock and ready to ship
    • Ships within 5 business days
    • Shipping calculated at checkout