Vortex TTi-300 Titanium Spinning Top


Vortex TTi300 Titanium Spinning Top

The top. One of the first and greatest of all toys, with a history tracing all the way back to Roman and Greek empires. 

The Vortex TTi-300 Titanium spinning top is a modern take on the toy that has existed since antiquity. It is produced using high grade material: a single block of precision-CNC machined grade 5 titanium (the same titanium that sends rockets into space). Inspirs Design, the creator of the TTi line of tops, named this the "Vortex" due to its beauty when in motion.

The TTi-300 uses a silicon nitride ceramic bearing as the spinning point, resulting in 80% less friction, 3 to 10 times longer lifetime, 80% higher speed, and 60% less weight, compared to traditional metal bearings. This maximizes the durability of the top as well as its spinning time, reaching up to 8 minutes.

Manufactured with the utmost precision and painstakingly hand-polished, each TTi-300 is crafted with incredible care and attention to detail. Spin with the best of them.

Available in six colors: Space Grey, Classic Silver, Midnight Black, 24K Gold, Sapphire Blue, and Rose Gold.

The Vortex also has a titanium accessory (TTi-076) that allows it to be spun upside down, or worn as a unique accessory.

Items included

Vortex TTi-300
  • Vortex TTi-300 Titanium Spinning Top
Vortex TTi-076
  • Titanium Chain compatible with the Vortex TTi-300
  • Titanium Screw

About Inspirs Design

Inspirs Design was founded in 2012, with the goal of producing designs that are "minimalist, everlasting and creative". Deriving their name from "inspiration", Inspirs Design aims to bring their aesthetic to life using precise manufacturing and high grade materials. With a variety of creations ranging from writing utensils to dice, Inspirs Design has gained following rapid, with fans from over 40 countries.


  • Vortex TTi-300 from Inspirs Design
  • Material: Grade 5 titanium
  • Weight: 29g / 1.0oz
  • Diameter: 30.0mm / 1.18in
  • Height: 34.1mm / 1.34in
  • Silicon nitride ball: 3mm / 0.12in
  • Made in the USA


  • International shipping from China


  • Group buy: Jan 9th – Jan 20th, 2018
  • Estimated ship date: Early Feb 2018