[Group Buy] JTK Classic Cyrillic Tripleshot Keycap Sets


JTK Classic Cyrillic Tripleshot

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Tripletshot, reborn.

Doubleshot has always been the most praised keycap manufacturing practice: crisp legends, vivid colors, and most importantly, the legends will never fade. However, doubleshot has yet to conquer sub-legends. Durability will be sacrificed if one choose to a set of sub-legends that has a different color from the legends; color combinations will be limited if one choose to have durable legends and sub-legends since they are all injected from a single mold. 

This is when tripleshot comes into play -- Tripleshot enables never-fading sub-legends without limiting the choice of colors.

Tripleshot molding is a trying and costly practice, nevertheless, JTK will bring this long discontinued molding technique back to life.

The first tripleshot sets will be the Classic White on Black and Black on White with Red Cyrillic, featuring icon modifiers.



  • ANSI layout (60% / 80% / 100%)
  • Cherry G80-3000, 3494
  • Leopold FC660M / 980M
  • WinKeyLess layout
  • Customized 60% / 65% / 75% / 80% / 100% layouts
  • MX HHKB layout (Duck Viper / Eagle) 


Keys Included

144 keys

  • White on Black with Red Cyrillic

  • Black on White with Red Cyrillic


  • Cherry profile
  • High quality 1.5mm TRIPLESHOT ABS plastic
  • Packaging: plastic zipper bags
  • Manufactured by JTK
  • Made in China


  • Group buy: Nov. 9, 2018 - Dec. 10, 2018
  • Estimated shipping: April, 2019



    • Ship from Shanghai, China via DHL