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JTK Yolch 

JTK Yolch is a new take on the classic dolch color scheme. Featuring the classic light and dark gray combo plus a dash of playful bright yellow legends, JTK Yolch will be a perfect match to your custom keyboard. 

Keys Included

  • ANSI 104 (104 keys)
  • Additional keys (44 keys)
    • R1: 1u "JTK", "Cherry lcon" * 2, "Delete", "End", "PgDn", "←", "~`", "|\", "Esc"
      • R2: 1u "-"; 1.5u "|\", "Delete Icon"
      • R3: 1u "+", "PgUp", Barred "F" "J"; 1.75u "Stepped CapsLock", "Control"
        • R4: 1u "PgDn", "End", "Windows10" *2, "Windows7", "Fn", "Ctrl" *2, "Alt" *2, "0 Ins"; 1.25u "Ctrl" *2, "Windows10" *2, "Menu"; 1.5u "Ctrl" *2, "Control" *2, "Alt" *2; 1.75u "Shift Icon"; 2.25u "Shift"


      • Sorting Tray * 2


      About JTK

      JTK was established in 2014 with the goal of creating quality yet affordable doubleshot ABS keycaps for keyboard communities worldwide. Since its conception, JTK has created many popular designs, including Orange on White, Orange on Black, Pink on White, Pink on Black, Red on White, Red on Black and more. With each new keyset, JTK has continued to refine its design and production.

      JTK keysets are created according to Cherry spec, following the dimensions of Cherry profile keycaps. The doubleshot ABS keycaps from JTK feature legends that never fade from wear. As the legends are also plastic and not dyed, more vibrant colors can be produced, compared to dyesubbing or laser engraving.

      As ABS keycaps are prone to "shining" over time due to surface oils of fingers eroding keycap surfaces, JTK decided to employ a textured surface finish on their keycaps. This greatly reduces shining, extending the lifespan of the caps and putting JTK ahead of other ABS keysets.

      Benefits of doubleshot keycaps:

      • Legends that will never fade or be worn out
      • More colors available as opposed to dyesubbing (only darker legends on lighter background).
      • Legends do not affect keycap surfaces, keeping the surface completely uniform throughout (unlike lasered/printed/UV coated legends)


      • JTK Yolch
      • Cherry profile
      • High quality 1.5mm ABS plastic
      • Manufactured by JTK
      • Made in China


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