[Group buy] KAM Bouquet

$11.00 USD

KAM Bouquet

Designed by adobaulabs

KAM Bouquet is inspired by the muted, soft tones of dried flowers and draws inspiration from the design language of ikebana (生け花), the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

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Base - Lagarus

Base - Eucalyptus

Alphas - Ruscus

Alphas - Eucalyptus

Standard Modifiers - Lagarus

Standard Modifiers - Eucalyptus

Standard Modifiers - Ruscus

40s - Lagarus

40s - Eucalyptus

Ergo - Lagarus

Ergo - Eucalyptus

Ortho - Lagarus

Ortho - Eucalyptus

Spacebar - Ruscus

Spacebar - Eucalyptus

Accents - Lagarus

Accents - Eucalyptus

Accents - Pampas

Accents - Phalaris

NordeUK - Lagarus

NordeUK - Eucalyptus

Extras - Novelties

Extras - MacOS

Extras - Homing

Numpad - Lagarus

Numpad - Eucalyptus


Bouquet themed deskmats, artisans, and tools!
The keyset would normally take longer to produce, order the peripherals separately if you want us to ship the these separately from the keyset.


RAMA x Bouquet Artisan

MX compatible KAM profile aluminum artisan, anodized rose gold finish

RAMA x Bouquet Tray

Aluminum tray for holding all the small parts

Keylabs x Bouquet Artisan

MX compatible KAM profile aluminum artisan



THOK x Bouquet Artisan 

THOK x Bouquet Knob


  900*400mm, stitched





  • KAM Bouquet
  • Profile: KAM
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic Trays
  • designed by adobaulabs
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China


  • Group buy: Sep.8 – Oct.8 2021
  • Estimated ship date: Q3 2022


  • Free shipping for orders over 100USD