[Group buy] KAM Ocean Front

$5.00 USD

KAM Ocean Front

Designed by Meijboom

KAM Ocean Front is a unique design that utilizes both matte and glossy KAM textures and gradient colors to recreate the waves and sands of the perfect ocean view.

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Alphas (Matte)

Alphas (Glossy)

Alphas (Sand)


Novelties (Matte)

Novelties (Glossy)

Novelties (Sand)

North ISO (Matte)

North ISO (Glossy)

North ISO (Sand)

UK ISO (Matte)

UK ISO (Glossy)

UK ISO (Sand)

Icon Mods (Matte)

Icon Mods (Glossy)

Icon Mods (Sand)

Text Mods (Matte)

Text Mods (Glossy)

Text Mods (Sand)

40s/Ortho (Matte)

40s/Ortho (Glossy)

40s/Ortho (Sand)

Ergo (Matte)

Ergo (Glossy)

Ergodox (Sand)

Spacebar (Matte)

Spacebar (Glossy)



  900*400mm, stitched

The keyset would normally take longer to produce, order the deskmats separately if you want us to ship the these separately from the keyset.




  • KAM Ocean Front
  • Profile: KAM
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic Trays
  • designed by meijboom
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China


  • Group buy: June.1 – June.30 2021
  • Estimated ship date: Q2 2022


  • Free shipping for orders over 100USD