[Group buy] KAT Napoleonic

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KAT Napoleonic

Designed by NoPunIn10Key

Inspired by early 19th century history.
Optimized for affordable language compatibility.

KAT Napoleonic is a keycap set in the KAT profile that explores the history and artistic depictions of the Napoleonic Period.

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Default US English (Jefferson)

Belgian & Apple French (Marie Louise)

BÉPO (Bépoleon Nonaparte)

Canadian French (Chateauguay)

Cherokee (Sequoyah)

Colemak+ (Jonathan Strange)

Dvorak (Mr Norrell)

EurKEY (Blücher)

French for Windows (Joséphine)

German (Metternich)

Hungarian & South Slavic (Doppelkaiser)

Japanese (Nagasaki)

Nordic (Bernadotte)

Polish & Lithuanian (Uhlan)

Russian (Alexander)

South Slavic Cyrillic (Karađorđe)

Spanish (Agustina)

Swiss (Act of Mediation)

Tamil (Pondicherry)

UK English & Irish (Wellington)

US Int'l & Netherlands (Waterloo)

TKL Mods - French Indigo

TKL Mods - Russian Green

TKL Mods - Austrian White

TKL Mods - British Navy

Numpad - French Indigo

Numpad - Russian Green

Numpad - Austrian White

Ortho Mods - French Indigo

Ortho Mods - Russian Green

Ortho Mods - Austrian White

Forties Mods - French Indigo

Forties Mods - Russian Green

Ergo Mods - French Indigo

Ergo Mods - Russian Green



Mac Kit

Blank Ergo Ortho Kit

Madness Kit


Large: 900*400, Small: 700*300

Minard - Large

Tolstoy - Large

Minard - Small

Tolstoy - Small 




  • KAT Napoleonic
  • Profile: KAT
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Dyesub and Air Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic Tarys
  • designed by NoPunIn10Key
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China


  • Group buy: Nov.9 – Dec.9, 2020
  • Estimated ship date: Q3 2021


  • Free shipping for orders over 100USD