[Group Buy] KeyKobo Dolch & Beige Doubleshot Keycap Set

$16.00 USD

Keykobo Dolch & Beige

manufactured by Key Kobo.

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Classic Dolch and Beige, now available at Keykobo


About Keykobo

Keykobo is a new doubleshot keycaps manufacturer from China. With their first two years focusing on manufacturing and refining their doubleshot moldings, Keykobo is now ready to introduce their high quality products to the keyboard enthusiasts.

Keykobo aims to produce keycaps with high grade ABS material, vivid colors, sharp and clean legends, and precise injection. They also aims to provide more top notch options and availability to the keycap industries and enthusiasts alike.

Factory shots and legend comparison


    click the image for higher resolution!

    Dolch Base
    Beige Base
    Dolch Extension
    Beige Extension
    CMYK Add-on
    CMYW Add-on
    • Cherry-like profile
    • ABS plastic
    • Made in China by Keykobo


    • GB window: Sep.7 - Oct.7 2022.
    • Estimated shipping time: 2023 Q1.
    • Delays might happen during the production period and ultimately affecting the shipping time.


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