[Group buy] KIRA TKL by Thesiscamper



KIRA TKL, Revived.

Limited Buy

60 Units Available.

KIRA TKL parts

  • Top housing (WK or WKL)
  • Bottom housing
  • Aluminum plate
  • PCB
  • Electro-plated Brass weight*
  • Accessories

 * the samples below have brushed aluminum and brass weight. Final products will have electro-plated brass.

Additional parts

Extra Components for KIRA TKL, buy here.

  • Extra Brass Plate
  • Extra PC Plate
  • Extra Aluminum Plate
  • Extra PCB

PCB features

  • Bootmapper
  • Mini USB
  • WK and WKL support
  • ANSI and ISO support
  • Split Backspace, Split Right Shift support

Color Options


6 colors (Pearl Blue, Premium Red, Moon Gray, Poseidon Blue, Deep Black, and Lavender Violet) are available for housing and plate.

  • Pearl Blue

  • Premium Red

  • Moon Gray

  • Poseidon Blue


  • Kira TKL
  • Designed by Thesiscamper
  • Manufactured by EVE in China


  • GB: Sept 29th - Oct 7st
  • Estimated ship date: within 2 months after submitting order

Shipping Info

  • Ships worldwide via DHL from Shanghai, China
  • Shipping fee not included in the pricing
  • Shipping invoice will be send out once the keyboard is ready to ship