[Group buy] Leaf 80 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by Fox Lab


Leaf 80 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by Fox Lab

Leaf 80 is the latest design by Fox Lab, maker of Orange TKL, Orange 75, Orange Pad, TIME TKL.

Leaf 80 is the continuation of Fox Lab's philosophy of custom keyboard design. This board features the timeless and popular TKL layout and a 5.5° mild typing angle with reduced height for comfort typing.

Leaf 80 is manifested by the Leaf engraved logo above the arrow cluster and the cute leaf insert in the bottom. Large arches on both sides gives the keyboard a softer look.

Leaf 80 will also feature some of the most unique finish for the housing: Electrophoresis White and Electrophoresis Black for the classic, pure and consistent black and white; Micro-Arc Oxidation White for a less contrasting and muted white; Gradient Anodizing for a dreamlike blue to purple double tone; Yellow, Light Blue, Green and Red for a vibrant smooth anodized finish.

Fox Lab, keep walking.

* This page is for Leaf 80 Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit, for the Upgrade and Extra Components, CLICK HERE


  • Classic TKL with WK (Winkey) or WKL (WinKeyLess) option


  • 5.5° typing angle and arched sides.


  • "Leaf" engrave and "Leaf" insert (upgradable to Brass).


  • 8 color options for the housing and 7 for the aluminum parts.


  • Optional ALPS support.



This kit will offer unique color options: Electrophoresis White, Electrophoresis Black, Micro-Arc Oxidation White (MAO White), Gradient (Blue to Purple), Yellow, Light Blue, Green, and Red.*

*Gradient will not be available for the aluminum parts (Plate and Insert)

Electrophoresis White

Electrophoresis Black






Light Blue


Product Description

  • Leaf 80 Custom Mechanical Keyboard by Fox Lab
  • Material: Aluminum / Raw or Bead-blasted Brass
  • Manufacturing: CNC machined / anodized / electrophoresis

Standard kit

  • Top and bottom housings
  • Aluminum Insert
  • Aluminum switch plate (MX support or ALPS support. Single support)
  • PCB
  • Screws and rubber feet

    Upgrade and Extra Components (buy here)

    • Extra PCB
    • Upgrade Aluminum Insert to Brass Weight (Raw or Bead-blasted)
      • Extra Brass Weight (Raw or Bead-blasted)
      • Extra Brass MX Plate (Raw or Bead-blasted)
      • Extra Brass ALPS Plate (Raw or Bead-blasted)
      • Extra Aluminum MX Plate
      • Extra Aluminum ALPS Plate


      • Group buy: Aug 15th - Aug 25th
      • Estimated ship date:  Nov, 2018

      Shipping details

      • Shipping not included in pricing due to specific nature of this group buy
      • Shipping fee will be invoiced separately after group buy before shipping
      • Ship via DHL