[Group buy] SA Max Ashen from Maxkey - Round 2

Maxkey - SA Max Ashen Round 2

The new and improved Maxkey Max Ashen is back by popular demand. With its classic and low-key gray color scheme accented by a dash of red, SA Max Ashen is reminiscent of the aftermath of a campfire, with some burning embers amidst a pile of gray and white ashes. Previous issues such as "Back space"、“SHIF T”have been all resolved, "Delete" is now "DEL" and "Escape" now "ESC", for even better aesthetics.

Picture of Round 1 Product
Maxkey's SA Max Ashen is made from thick ABS with doubleshot legends that will never fade with wear. Fully compatible with existing SA specs, SA Max Ashen will provide you with a new way to enjoy those deep thocks that SA profile brings, at a greater value and accessibility.

SA Max Ashen includes 8 novelty keys, as shown below. The R3 keys can replace 1u Windows keys for 7u spacebar layouts.

Picture of Round 1 Product

Picture of Round 1 Product


Keys included

  • Base set (104 keys)
    • ANSI 104 layout
      • Alpha base color: WCK, Alpha legend color: GPA
      • Modifier base color: GPA, Modifier   color: WCK
      • Include 1u “ESCAPE”, 2.25u “RETURN”
        • Base color: RAS, Legend color: WCK
  • Additional keys (15 keys)
    • R1: 1u “DEL”, 1u “END”, 1u “Page Down”
    • R2: 1u “-”
    • R3: 1u ”0”, 1u “+”, 1u “PAGE UP”, 1.5u “ALT” ×2, 1.5u “CTRL” ×2, 1.75u Stepped “CAPS LOCK”, 7u Spacebar
    • R4:1u “PAGE DOWN”, 1.75u “SHIFT”
    • Base color: GPA, Legend color: WCK
  • Novelties (8 keys)
    • R1: 1u “Sakura”, 1u “Cherry” , 1u “3D Cherry”
    • R3: 1u “Sakura”, 1u “Cherry” ×2, 1u “3D Cherry”
    • R4: 1u “Cherry”
    • Base color: GPA, Modifier icon color: WCK


Sets will be shipped in separately sealed plastic bags and padded to prevent damage.

About Maxkey

Maxkey is a new manufacturer of SA profile keycaps. Based in China, Maxkey aims to provide affordable ways to provide SA keycaps for more consumers.


  • SA profile
  • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by byhfforever
  • Manufactured by Maxkey
  • Made in China


  • Group buy: Aug 14 - Sep 5 2017
  • Estimated ship date: Early Oct 2017

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