[Group buy] SA Nuclear from Maxkey - zFrontier Exclusive


Maxkey SA Nuclear - zFrontier Exclusive

The newest SA keyset from Maxkey is SA Nuclear, featuring a bold, high contrast color combination of bright orange and deep blue with novelties relating to nuclear power and Albert Einstein's famous mass-energy equivalence equation, E=mc².

SA Nuclear is made from high quality ABS plastic with doubleshot legends, which allow the full vibrant color of the ABS to be shown as it is intended, and will never fade from wear.

SA Nuclear's bonus kit, which includes the addon kit and the novelties kit, contains 12 novelty keys styled after common symbols related to radioactivity and nuclear energy. This includes the traditional radioactive symbol, various symbols of atoms and an atomic orbital, as well as the mass-energy equivalence equation as a replacement for the classic Enter/Return key.

SA Nuclear is made in the SA profile, this time featuring a R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R3 for a unique typing experience that fully utilizes the spherical profiles available to SA keycaps.


Keys included

  • Base kit (104 keys)
    • ANSI 104 standard layout
  • Addon kit (15 keys)
    • R1: 1u “DELETE”, 1u “END”, 1u “Page Down”
    • R2: 1u “-”
    • R3: 1u ”0”, 1u “+”, 1u “PAGE UP”, 1.5u “ALT” ×2, 1.5u “CTRL” ×2, 1.75u Stepped “CAPS LOCK”, 7u Spacebar
    • R4:1u “PAGE DOWN”, 1.75u “SHIFT”
  • Novelties (12 keys)
    • R1: 1u radiation, 1u warning, 1u charge, 1u inverted color radiation, 1u inverted color warning, 1u inverted color charge
    • R3: 2.25u E=mc², 2.25u E=mc²
    • R4: 1u atom(1), 1u atom(2), 1u inverted color atom(1), 1u inverted color atom(2)


Sets will be shipped in separately sealed plastic bags and padded to ensure safe delivery.

About Maxkey

Maxkey is a new manufacturer of SA profile keycaps. Based in China, Maxkey aims to provide affordable ways to provide SA keycaps for more consumers while maintaining the standard in quality that befits a premium keyset.


  • SA Nuclear
  • SA profile
  • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by Zeno
  • Manufactured by Maxkey
  • Made in China


  • Group buy: June 8 - June 22 2017
  • Estimated ship date: August 2017

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