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Maxkey SA SuperHero I - zFrontier Exclusive


Kapow! Maxkey brings you a brand new SA keyset: SA SuperHero I featuring a bold yellow and back color combination, and everyone's favorite superhero of all time.


SA SuperHero I is made from high quality ABS plastic with doubleshot legends, allowing for truly vibrant colors that never fade from wear. 


SA SuperHero I features not one, but two original novelties kits, with a total of 20 intricate novelty keys that will make any keyboard pop. With SA SuperHero I, your keyboard has no limits.

SA SuperHero I is made in the SA profile, this time featuring a R1-R1-R2-R3-R4-R3 profile for an incredible typing experience that makes full use of the SA's unique spherical profiles.

Keys included

Base kit (104 keys)

Add-on kit (15 keys)

Novelties kit 1 (10 keys)

Novelties kit 2 (10 keys)


Sets will be shipped in complimentary plastic keycap boxes and padded to ensure safe delivery.

About Maxkey

Maxkey is a new manufacturer of SA profile keycaps. Based in China, Maxkey aims to make quality SA keycaps affordable for a wider audience.



  • SA SuperHero I
  • SA profile
  • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by Viv
  • Manufactured by Maxkey
  • Made in China


  • Group buy: Jul 25 - Aug 14 2017
  • Estimated ship date: Oct 2017

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