[Group Buy] Morgrie MOYAN 96 R2 Hot-swappable Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit


Morgrie MOYAN 96 R2

MOYAN 96 is another design from Morgrie. In contrast to Morgrie's modern and sleek design for it's RIE lineup, MOYAN 96 from the MORG lineup strikes for a more expressive and bold design.




  • Housing:
    Unique "Crevice" Aluminum Housing + Frosted Acrylic Diffuser
  • Machining:
    5 Axis CNC Machining
  • Finish:
    Anodized Finish
  • Layout:
    96, ANSI
  • Lighting:
    236 RGB LEDs for RGB In-switch Backlighting and RGB "Crevice" Lighting
  • Weight:
    Polished Brass
  • Connection: 
    Magnetic Connector
  • Inclination:
  • Accessories:
    5PIN Magnetic Connector to USB-A Cable

R2 Upgrades

  • Hot-Swappable:
    PCB featuring Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets
  • Pre-assembled:
    Housing, PCB, Plate and Stabilizers are all pre-assembled, install switches and keycaps of your choice and plug and use!
  • Multicolor Plate: 
    Muticolor finish plate made with all new materials
  • Light Control and Keymapping:
    Easy-to-use software to customize lighting effects and keymap
  • All New Colors:
    3 unique anodized finishes



  • Cyan

  • Violet

  • Army


Color Reference (Up: RGB Colors; Bottom: RGB Colors with Metallic Sheen used on renders)

Timeframe and Shipping

  • GB ends on May, 27.
  • Estimated Shipping: November, 2019
  • Price does NOT include shipping.