[Pre Order] Morgrie RIE 17 Wireless Low-Pro Mechanical Numpad


Morgrie RIE

Mechanical, wireless, and low profile. Sleek in design and solid in construction. Decorated with a glossy white ceramic finish over the aluminum case and armed with Kailh Choc Switches and PBT keycaps, this Bluetooth/Cable dual mode keyboard is not only good looking but also super comfort to type on.

The RIE family is consist of RIE 60, a 60% low-profile mechanical keyboard, RIE 17, a low-profile mechanical numpad, and RIE 03, a switch tester.

    RIE 17

    Looking for a wireless dedicated numpad? Try RIE 17 out!


    • RIE 60
    • Layout: 60%
    • Chassis: Aluminum, White Ceramic Finish
    • Plate: Orange Acrylic
    • Switches: Kailh Choc Switches (White, Brown, or Red)
    • Backlighting: No
    • Connection: Bluetooth Wireless / USB Type-C Cable
    • Keycaps: PBT Keycaps with Dye-sublimed Legends
    • Thickness: 18mm (Keycaps installed)
    • Accessories: Type-C cable, Rubber feet (flat / 3.5°, both will be included)

    Pre-Order Details

    • Estimated Shipping: June, 2019
    • Price does NOT include shipping.
    • Shipping may be brought ahead or delayed depending on actual manufacturing progress.