[Group Buy] PBT Space Camp

$25.00 USD

PBT Space Camp

designed by koha (252a3)

It's time to explore the Mars!

Space Camp: Mars features 274 plastic caps with dye-sublimated legends and 38 unique custom novelty legends. 

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  • MX Compatible.
  • PBT Plastic / Dye Sublimation - Will not fade / shine over time.
  • Cherry Profile.


      • Manufactured/Produced by Infinikey
      • Keysets will be packed in plastic trays inside of glossy cardstock carton.
      • Weve invested in new molds to make new homing keys and many 40% / ortho keys that were previously unavailable. 
      • New Homing Keys. Now you have the choice of scooped OR barred!
      • FAQ: What is the difference between ABS and PBT?
          PBT plastic is different from its shiny ABS counterpart. PBT has a much higher melting point, therefore can be treated with a process called 'Dye sublimation'. An image is printed on a film, the film is then laid on the keycaps, a press closes, and the image sublimates into the plastic. Sublimation by definition is when a solid rapidly changes to a gas, by which the gas saturates the hot plastic. The legend is therefore dyed into the plastic without the threat of fading. PBT plastic keys also have a slightly textured finish, which feels much better on the fingers when typing.


      • Groupbuy: May.28 - Jun.25.2021
      • Estimated Shipping Time: Q4.2021