[Group buy] Red Comet Big Switch Combo


Red Comet Big Switch Combo

Keyboard collector? Switch master? Artisans lover? Mech enthusiast? The Red Comet Giant Switch Combo got you covered.

Red Comet is a 64× giant artisan keycap on the 64× Big Switch by Novelkeys. Featuring the most intimidating and iconic red war machine from the centuries, The Red Comet Combo is an item to satisfy all your fetishes: it's big, it's red, it's RGB, it's a mech, it can open up, and most importantly: it CLICKS.


After months of careful modelling and sampling, the Red Comet is born. The robot head is painted with two tones of red, accented by fine machine details, and detailed with water slides for maximum badassery.


Forehead and the mouth piece are magnetically attached to the head. You could simply remove them to reveal the red spherical cockpit or reattach them to a different position to recreate the half revealed cockpit, welcoming it's pilot.

The front camera and the mono-eye camera will be illuminated by a green LED, providing a high contrast to the red armor. The switch will feature RGB backlight.



  • Hinge joint, horizontal movement
Mono-eye Camera
  • Hinge joint, horizontal movement


  • Red Comet Giant Switch Combo
  • Material: Resin, plastics
  • Weight: ~280g including the Giant Switch
  • Dimension: 80mm * 80mm * 180mm Giant Switch installed, approximately
  • RGB Backlight
  • Green LED for the Mono-eye Camera


  • Free international shipping from China
  • DHL


  • Group buy: Aug 16th – Aug 31th
  • Estimated ship date: Nov, 2018