[Group buy] SA Taboo from Maxkey - Limited Edition


Maxkey - SA Taboo

Update [5/10/2017]: Only 35 sets left. 

Note: Limited edition by designer's decision. Only 100 sets available worldwide, first come first serve. 

Introducing SA Taboo, another one of Maxkey's SA profile keysets. Designed by Arallu exclusively for zFrontier, and limited to 100 sets worldwide per designer's decision. 

With its striking red legends juxtaposed against a jet black base and warm gray alpha keys, SA Taboo makes a bold statement.

Tempted by its brilliant red? Intrigued by its dark streak? Reminded of the taboo? SA Taboo has arrived. And once again you're presented with the age-old question: "To buy, or not to buy?"

Maxkey's SA Taboo is made from thick ABS with doubleshot legends. Fully compatible with existing SA specs, SA Taboo allows you to enjoy the deep thocks and antique charm unique to SA profiels, with a bold new colorway and a price that can't be beat.

SA Taboo is made in SA profile 1-1-2-3-4-3 and includes keys for compatibility of many layouts including 7u spacebar configurations.



    Keys included

    • Base set (105 keys) 
      • ANSI 104 layout
      • Includes an extra R1 1u "ESCAPE"
    • Additional keys (22 keys)
      • R1: 1u "DELETE", 1u "END", 1u "Page Down"
      • R2: 1u "-"
      • R3: 1u "0", 1u "+", 1u "PAGE UP", 1.5u "ALT" ×2, 1.5u "CTRL" ×2, 1.75u Stepped "CAPS LOCK", 7u Spacebar, 1u Blanks ×3
      • R4:1u "PAGE DOWN", 1.75u "SHIFT", 1u Blank, 2.25u "SHIFT"
      • R3: 6.25 Spacebar, 7u Spacebar
    • Colors
      • Warm Gray alphas - Pantone 402C
      • Black modifiers/text - Pantone 419C
      • Red modifier/text - Pantone 485C


    Sets will be shipped in separately sealed plastic bags and padded to prevent damage.

    About Maxkey

    Maxkey is a new manufacturer of SA profile keycaps. Based in China, Maxkey hopes to offer SA keycaps at an affordable price to bring it to a wider audience.


    • SA profile
    • High quality 1.5mm doubleshot ABS plastic
    • Designed by Arallu
    • Manufactured by Maxkey
    • Made in China


    • Group buy: Apr 15th - May 14th, 2017
    • Estimated ship date:  Jul 2017