SP SA Corner Creatures - zFrontier Exclusive


SP SA Corner Creatures - zFrontier Exclusive

Designed by Wenjie

"Let the calmness wash over you as you take in the breathtakingly calm scenery of the earth."

A cup of tea in hand, relaxing in a corner, enjoying the sight of the small world enclosed by your windowsill. This is the embodiment of Japan’s Sumikko Gurashi.

Sumikko Gurashi, or creatures in the corner, is a group of creatures that thrive in corners, lazing about, cute as can be. The designer of this set, Wenjie, drew his inspirations from these tiny critters.

Design inspirations

Instinctively taking the corner seat on the subway, in the café, don’t you get an odd sense of comfort in a space - a corner, that you can call your own?

The “polar bear” who dislikes the cold, the fidgety “penguin”, the leftover “fried pork”, the shy “neko”..., all embody the casual charm that is Sumikko Gurashi.

The designer thought up this SA set from the colors of the “polar bear” and “small lizard”.

Polar bear: a chubby polar bear from the North Pole who is both afraid of the cold and afraid to greet strangers. His favorite way to pass the time is to sip his tea in his own little corner. The whiteness of his fur is used for the base kit’s main color, corresponding to Signature Plastics’s WCK.

Small lizard: is actually a dinosaur that survived the extinction, but because he’d be taken away if exposed, he’s been pretending to live as a tiny lizard. He enjoys swimming and eating fish. The cyan of the small lizard is used as the main color for the modifiers, corresponding to Signature Plastics’s BEY.


Base + novelty keys set (122 keys)
Accommodating both winkey and winkeyless layouts, the base set includes the corner novelty keys above and the “zFrontier” key, as well as a 2.25u right shift for FC660, 1.75u right shift, and 1u Fn, as well as a stepped capslock.



Novelty corner keys

The adorable Sumikko Gurashi like to stack themselves in a corner, their fuzzy bodies contrasting against the sharp edges of the corner. The designer simplified the design of “corners” and created two designs for novelty keys.


zFrontier novelty key


1800 kit (14 keys)


ISO kit (5 keys)


Minila kit (6 keys)



About Designer

Wenjie is one of the initial members of the Chinese mechanical keyboard community, and previously brought Korean OTD kits to China. The recently concluded SA Photo Studio was also designed by him.

Keys included

Base + novelties (122 keys)
    • Suitable for Filco, Leopold, Ducky, WASD, and other keyboards w/ a standard layout. Has 13 additional keys for added compatibility for common layouts.
      • R1 : 1u "~ ·", “corner” novelties x4
      • R2 : 1.5u "| \", 2.25u "zFrontier" Enter key
      • R3 : 1.75u stepped capslock
      • R4 : 1u FN, 1.75u shift, 2.25u shift, 1u Win x2, 1.5u Ctrl x2, 1.5u Alt x2, 7u spacebar
Addons kit (25 keys)
1800 kit (14 keys)
    • Suitable for compact layouts that merge the arrow keys into the right modifiers, like in 96-key or 75% layouts.
      • R1 : 1u Del, 1u End, 1u Page down, 1u Num lock, 1u Scroll lock
      • R2 : 1u "-"
      • R3 : 1u "+"
      • R4 : 1u "0", 1u Alt x2, 1u Ctrl x2, 1u Menu, 6u spacebar
ISO kit (5 keys)
    • Suitable for certain European layouts.
      • R3 : 1u "~ #", 1u "@ .", ISO enter
      • R4 : 1.25u Shift, 1u "| \"
Minila kit (6 keys)
    • Suitable for the Filco Minila. 
      • R1 : 1u "←"
      • R3 : 1.75u Ctrl
      • R4 : 1u Delete, 1u Shift, 2u Shift, 3u spacebar


  • SA profile
  • 1.5mm thick doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by Wenjie
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Made in the United States