SP DCS Doraemon Keyset


SP DCS Doraemon Keyset

zFrontier presents: the return of the Doraemon-themed keyset, in DCS profile and manufactured by Signature Plastics.

Designed by Cony_WANG from Geekhack

Still sad because you missed out on the last run of the Doraemon set? This children's anime was a huge part of many childhoods, and whether to stash it in your own "time machine" or for display on your mechanical keyboard, this keyset will be sure to induce a wave of nostalgia for those precious memories of the past with the adorable and quirky Doraemon.

Doraemon, penned by Fujiko F. Fujio, has accompanied the childhoods of many teens and adults alike.

The colors of this set are drawn from Doraemon's own colors of white, red, blue, and just a dash of yellow from his bell. Designed by Cony_WANG from Hong Kong, the novelty keys include Doraemon's bell, Dorami's ears, and the most popular of Doraemon's gadgets.

About DCS profile

DCS profile is only produced by Signature Plastics (SP), designed to be very close to Cherry profile. Contrary to Cherry profile doubleshot keycaps, DCS caps are very thin and provide a different feel. Because SP generally has a low MOQ, with a wide selection of colors, and has more experience with manufacturing novelties compared to GMK, the designer decided to run Doraemon through SP. And because the timetable for SA production is currently booked all the way to 2017, and DSA has issues with stem alignment and warping, Cony_WANG decided upon DCS profile. At the same time, the thick Cherry font allows the new colors to stand out more compared to centered Gorton modified legends.


Keys included (123 keys)

  • 104-key base set
  • Reverse colorway Esc key, Enter key, blue “| \” key
  • Tsangan modifiers (for winkeyless layouts)
    • R3 stepped capslock
    • R4 1.5u Ctrl x2
    • R4 1.5u Alt x2
    • R4 1u reverse colorway Win x2
    • R4 1u Fn
    • R4 7u spacebar
    • R4 1.75u Shift
    • R4 2.25u Shift


  • DCS profile
  • 1mm thick doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Designed by Cony_WANG
  • Manufactured by Signature Plastics
  • Made in the United States