[Group buy] Typewriter 68 Custom Engrave and Additional Components


Typewriter 68 Custom Engrave and Additional Components

Typewriter 68 is a custom mechanical keyboard heavily influenced by retro keyboard designs. Hefty and classy, this board is meant to be your best typing companion.

Customize your keyboard with custom engravings and swap out some parts all you like!


  • Retro design
  • High profile integral plate
  • 4.1 kg +
  • Peculiar layout
  • RGB light strip
  • Custom engraving


Typewriter 68 Additional Components

  • Mid-piece (Integral plate design, 2 layout variants)
    HHKB Bottom Row (ANSI/ISO, Full / Split LShift, Full / Split Backspace)

    Full Bottom Row (ANSI/ISO, Full / Split LShift, Full / Split Backspace)
  • PCB (BootmapperClient, USB-C port)


Custom Engraving

Typewriter 68 allows users to custom engraving on the nametag. The default nametag will have typewriter 68 CNC engraving for both aluminum and brass variants. 

Users want to customize the engrave could purchase this item along with the keyboard kit. Once purchased, please prepare and upload your design vector file to support@zfrontier.com

Your keyboard will only come with your custom nametag once purchased.

Nametag dimensions: 28mm * 18.5mm

Download plate vector file here.

Or you could simply submit your drawing in .ai, .dwg, or .dxf to the email along with your order number.

  • Aluminum or Brass
  • Custom CNC engraving (aluminum of brass) or Laser-etched (only for aluminum)


PCB features

  • BootmapperClient
  • USB-C port
  • ANSI and ISO support
  • Split Backspace Support

Color Options

Anodize color options for Aluminum nametag and mid-piece:

Silver, Gray, Black, Coffee, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Orange, Pink



  • Typewriter 68
  • Designed by Scarecrow


  • GB: Nov 12th - Nov 30th
  • Estimated ship date: Feb, 2019

Shipping Info

  • Ships worldwide via DHL from Shanghai, China
  • Shipping fee not included in the pricing
  • Shipping invoice will be send out once the keyboard is ready to ship

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