Varmilo VA87M Double Rainbow RGB Mechanical Keyboard - zFrontier Exclusive


Varmilo VA87M - Double Rainbow Mechanical Keyboard

Have you ever seen a double rainbow? Across the sky perhaps? How about on the table? The Varmilo VA87M Double Rainbow will show you just that.

The VA87M from Varmilo is a mechanical keyboard in the tenkeyless form factor. Utilizing a floating-key design for a streamlined appearance, the VA87M Double Rainbow doesn't skimp on the internals either, with a rigid steel plate holding the keys together and providing significant heft and stability to the board. By designing the top of the case flush with the internal plate, this VA87M has the thinness of a floating-key board combined with the crisp typing feel that a steel plate offers.

True to its name, the Varmilo VA87M Double Rainbow features two types of RGB - one in the legends of the PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, and one in the in-switch lighting, so you can RGB while you RGB.

The keycaps on the VA87M Double Rainbow are PBT with dye-sublimated rainbow legends, and uses a new milky white base from Varmilo. Weighing in at 1.3mm thick, the milky white PBT is a new offering from Varmilo in 2017, providing a softer yet more brilliant white to better show off the rainbow legends.

The VA87M Double Rainbow comes with a wealth of switch options, all from Cherry's RGB line. You have the standard RGB brown, blue, and red, as well as the rare RGB speed silver, silent red, and nature white. Speed silver has a higher actuation point, which leads to faster actuation, hence the "speed", which may just provide you that edge you need to game harder and better. Silent red is similar to red, but with rubber noise dampeners within, which also leads to a cushioned downstroke for less finger fatigue. Nature white is designed specifically as an intermediate between the light linear red and the heavy linear black, and with a semi-translucent stem, it shows off RGB lighting even better than its peers.


Case color
  • White
Switch type
  • Cherry MX RGB Brown
  • Cherry MX RGB Blue
  • Cherry MX RGB Red
  • Cherry MX RGB Speed Silver
  • Cherry MX RGB Silent Red
  • Cherry MX RGB Nature White
  • PBT with black dye sublimated legends
    In-switch LEDs
    • RGB


    • Varmilo VA87M Double Rainbow
    • Cherry MX switches
    • PBT keycaps with dye sublimated rainbow legends
    • Detachable USB cable
    • Dimensions: 356 × 134 × 33mm
    • Weight: ~2kg
    • Compability: Windows / OS X

    Items included

    • Varmilo VA87M Double Rainbow mechanical keyboard
    • Steel wire keypuller
    • Warranty card
    • Additional blank white spacebar
    • Dust cover


    • Free shipping
    • Customized product, ships biweekly from Shanghai, China
    • Tracking information will be provided once shipped