[Group buy] ZOMO x zFrontier GID Searchlight and Reactor Artisan Keycap


ZOMO x zFrontier GID Searchlight and Reactor Artisan Keycap

Search for the light. ZOMO and zFrontier will present you two all new glow-in-dark aluminum artisan keycaps.

GID Searchlight

The GID Searchlight overseeing your keyboard is made from aluminum and GID silicon. Featuring 2 articulations, the lamp could spin 360° horizontally and rotate 240° vertically. 3 different versions of GID silicon lamps are offered: the iconic BAT, ZOMO logo and the exclusive zFrontier logo only available from this group buy. Summon your masked knight with the menacing signal on your keyboard!

  • Black

  • Titanium
  • zFrontier Exclusive GID Lamp


GID Reactor

This is the heart of a man. The GID Reactor has a soft GID silicon encapsulated in a hard metal armor. Magnetically attached to the detailed base, the Reactor could spin 360° freely. And I'm a huge fan of how you CNC aluminum and turn it into an magnetic green metal artisan.

  • Silver

  • Titanium



    • ZOMO x zFrontier GID Searchlight and Reactor
    • Compatibility: MX compatible
    • Material: Aluminum, silicon
    • Glow in Dark


    • Free shipping for orders over $100
    • DHL


    • Group buy: Sept 5th – Sept 26th
    • Estimated ship date: Oct, 2018