Recovering from the lockdown

After almost 3 months of lockdown, many restrictions have been finally lifted in Shanghai. We are slowly recovering from the lockdown and will focus on shipping out unfulfilled orders.

Delays on shipping will still occur as there are many order backlogs from our customers and shipping backlogs from local and international manufacturers.


What to expect:

In stock order fulfillments

We will be fulfilling all in stock orders that have not been shipped due to the lockdown starting this month.

GB fulfillments

We will be fulfilling the following GB orders that have not been shipped due to the lockdown starting this month. Please note that since there are many sets in queue, we are expecting at least 1 to 2 months to fully shipped out all the following GB orders.

  • Fulfillment of multiple KAT sets:
    - KAT Atlantis Doubleshot
    - KAT Lala
    - KAT Iron
  • Fulfillment of TMT Story
  • Fulfillment of JTK Royal Alpha and Grissean
  • Fulfillment of multiple GMK sets:
    - GMK Hallyu
    - GMK Honor
    - GMK Posh
    - GMK Beta
    - GMK Dolch R5
    - GMK Mudbeam
    - GMK Retrocast
    - GMK Rainy Day
    - GMK Yuri R2
  • Fulfillment of multiple SP sets:
    - DSA Berry Yogurt
    - DSS Carpinteria
    - DSS Handwork
  • Fulfillment of some grid 650 orders

New releases

Depending on how the fulfillment process is going, we will be releasing some previously done GB sets, deskmats, switches or keyboards as inventory in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


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