Shipping Rate Adjustment Announcement

This is a notice that there will be a change in our shipping rates to take effect on Jan.25, 2022.

From now on, during check out, shipping rates will be calculated based on the items added to the cart.

The ever-increasing costs for shipping since Covid-19 has stricken complicated with exchange rate changes have affected the cost of providing service to our customers.

The increase will not only help us ensure our commitment to providing quality products and services to you, but also allow us more flexibility to bring more unique products to the store and to more places around the globe.

We are also temporarily retiring our free shipping policy for orders over 100USD that had been in service since 2018, which our loyal customers has known and loved. With this - we are also adjusting some of the retail prices for our GB and in stock items (see how your orders will be affected below).

However, this does not mean that there will no longer be free shipping for our products. We are looking into a more diversified system to provide more shipping options and discounts to various products.

We would also note that this change in shipping rate is temporary. We will adjust our pricing accordingly to the shipping costs from shipping companies regularly. We will also look into more shipping providers to provide you with more economic and flexible shipping services.




These orders will not be affected:

  • orders that had been fulfilled
  • In stock orders purchased before the new shipping rates enact
  • orders for previous GBs that had already ended but not yet fulfilled

Your orders will still be fulfilled as usual.


These orders will be affected:

  • ongoing GB orders (from GMK Arctic, GMK Trackday, GMK Grey on Black)

Since we are adjusting the pricing for GMK Arctic, GMK Trackday and GMK Grey on Black due to the change in shipping, your current order might or might not see an increase in total price.

IF your current order's total amount is lower than that of the current calculation with the express shipping option selected, your order will not be affected and will still be fulfilled by express shipping services.

IF your current order's total amount is higher than that of the current calculation with the express shipping option selected, we will refund your order to the amount calculated by the system when the express shipping option selected and your order will be fulfilled by express shipping services.


We thank you for your support and understanding.

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