[Group buy] SP DCS Dark Sky

$52.00 USD

DCS Dark Sky

designed by Puddsy

Venturing into the past

In the early ages of the hobby DCS rained supreme - with Geekhack users running small batches of keysets themselves through Google Forms, 2016 was a simpler time. Relive the golden days with this ode to DCS Soware revived by Puddsy as a darker base kit focussed on on having a little more contrast between the legends and base colours.

DCS Dark Sky feels right at home in the experienced hobbyists' tool kit with that OG set feeling as well as being versatile enough for anyone to enjoy on most boards. Having the full RGBY accents speckled throughout makes for an easy pairing on any board you like!

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    HIBI & Dark Sky Artisan

    • Anodized Aluminum with Multi-Color Enamel Infill
    • DCS R1 1u
    • MX compatible


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    • Profile: DCS
    • Material: ABS
    • Legends: Doubleshot
    • Packaging: Plastic Zipper Bags
    • designed by Puddsy
    • Manufactured by Signature Plastics in the USA


  • Preorder: Aug.5 - Aug.19.2022
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Q1.2023