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KAM Ghost

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Designed by fireworm

KAM Ghost is a low contrast white design with multiple typeface representing the Ghost theme.

This will also be the second KAM set with a smooth matte finish! 


Alpha - Normal
Alpha - St Corce
TKL Mods
TKL Compat
Ergo Blanks
Ire Poetry
Ire Accent
Colevrak, UK ISO, Alt F-Row
* these are 3 different kits.
Blanks Mod Color, Blanks Alpha Color, Split Space, Spacebars
* these are 4 different kits.

  • KAM Ghost
  • Profile: KAM
  • Material: PBT
  • Legends: Air Dyesub
  • Packaging: Plastic Trays
  • designed by fireworm
  • Manufactured by Keyreative in China