[Group Buy] SWISS aka. the Cheeseboard Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit

$5.00 USD

SWISS aka. the Cheeseboard

Designed by Bregoli

Made in Germany by Keebwerk.

GB live from Feb.10 to Mar.10, 2023.

The Cheeseboard is one of the more unique meme/novelty boards featuring a swiss cheese design, while also having a unique “moon” board design in moon-dust grey color. The project has been in the works since 2021 and has been followed up with 3 prototypes to get the ideal eye-candy placement of all the spherical holes to provide the ultimate cheese design. Designed by Bregoli, this king of all cheese’ is a one of a kind. The complexity of the top case requires 5.4 hours of CNC machining time compared to the average 75% size keyboard 45 minute machining time. Cheeseboard is a 60% Keyboard design with a HHKB bottom row layout, with a brass or POM plate. The typing angle of the keyboard is 6 degrees. The keyboard comes with poron dampening strips to fit the case parts together, to make sure that acoustic ping is kept to a minimum, and the PCB features a yellow cheese color, fitting to the theme of the board.


  • Made from Aluminum
  • Brass or POM Plate
  • HHKB Layout
  • Cheese or Moon Keyboard Variants
  • Powered by QMK
  • Ai03 daughterboard
  • Top Mount Keyboard
  • Included Acoustic Dampening Kit
  • Cases are made from a single block of aluminum
  • Top Case machine time totals 5.4 hours of machine time
  • Kaihua Hot-Swap Sockets on PCB for ease

Kit includes:

  • Top Frame
  • Bottom Frame
  • Plate - in your chosen material
  • PCB-A (Main Switch PCB)
  • ai03 unified daughterboard
  • Full Screw Set
  • Set of Custom Poron Gaskets for bottom case isolation
  • Custom Silicone Feet
  • Custom Plate and Case Foam
  • Card of Certification
  • Braided USB-C Cable



Cheeseboard - E-coating Yellow


Moonboard - Anodized Gray


    Extra parts:

    • PCB
    • POM Plate
    • Brass Plate
    • Gasket set
    • Foam set
    • Screw set

    Assembly and Typing Test

    from: Cheese Turbulence

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